September Newsletter

From the Desk of Patrick Cruickshank, CEO & Director

Dear Shareholders and Partners,

As we progress into October, I’m excited to recap some pivotal milestones that occurred in September that were critical in allowing us to shape our road map for the months to come. This includes two successful acquisitions of strategic land claims, as well as the commencement of our Bulk Sample Project.

September Highlights:

  1. Strategic Land Acquisitions: September was characterized by our foresight and determination to extend our reach. We successfully expanded our land package with an acquisition of over 15 Sq Kms of claims strategically nestled next to our California Lake and Nine Mile Brooks VMS Projects. This move is not merely about expansion, but is integral to our mission, ensuring we have claims to the potential deposits we anticipate discovering. Learn more about the specifics of these acquisitions through the following news releases:

    Watch the clip below to learn more about the significance of these acquisitions:

Nine Mile Metals CEO, Patrick Cruickshank, Shares Update on Significance of 09/19/23 News Release

  1. Commencement of the Bulk Sample Project: Our collaboration with GEMTEC advanced significantly with the completion of the baseline sampling at Nine Mile Brook. This marks the onset of our Bulk Sample Project. With GEMTEC’s draft for the excavation plan on the horizon, we’re keenly awaiting details about the maximum sample size for our subsequent direct bulk shipment to the chosen smelter. We’re evaluating potential smelters with RPC Fredericton and are in the process of finalizing our excavation mining partner from bids we’ve received. You can explore the details of this move in our official press release, and learn about the significance of this advancement in the interview below:

Nine Mile’s CEO Discusses the Engagement of GEMTEC and the Imminent Plans for the Bulk Sample

October Foresight:

With excavation plans underway and smelters under review, we’re excited for the start of the winter season. The frigid conditions of winter are optimal for us advancing our Bulk Project due to the frozen state of the creek. This allows for clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly excavation efforts, minimizing our costs and environmental impact. We look forward to continuing to provide stakeholders with valuable updates as we progress in our exploration efforts.

One initiative I’m personally thrilled about is enhancing our communication with you through CEO interviews post each news release. The past month has been a testament to its value, offering a comprehensive overview of our endeavors and their impact on our shareholders. To stay abreast with these updates and more, follow us on our YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.

In wrapping up, September was indeed monumental, laying a solid foundation for our future plans. As always, your loyalty and support propel our efforts, and together, we journey towards new horizons in Critical Minerals Exploration.


Patrick Cruickshank  

CEO & Director

Nine Mile Metals Ltd.

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