164 Claim Units

35.83 km2 in size

The Wedge Deposit was mined by Cominco and produced 1.503MT grading (2.88% Cu, 0.65% Pb, 1.81% Zn, 20.6 g/t Ag).

XRF Lab high-grade results up 29.58% Copper and 10.19% + combined (lead-zinc).

Proprietary new technology (UAV 3D and AI) will be utilized to explore the entire mineralized trend at depth and along the wedge horizon including the massive western property targets.

The Tribag and West Wedge occurrences have not been tested at depth and is open in all directions along the trend. The Wedge Project borders our California Lake & Canoe Landing Lake Projects and solidifies our regional land portfolio in the highly regarded BMC Saddle folds.

* McCutcheon et al., 2005. * Note: The resource is historical and cannot be relied upon.

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2023 Results at Wedge Project

High Grade Certified Results: 19% Cu, 10.25% Pb, 30%+ Zn (40%+ Pb-Zn), 97 g/t Ag, and 2.78 g/t Au.

Samples were fine-grained massive VMS (Cu-Pb-Zn) mineralization collected at the Wedge mine site.

The samples were either Cu rich with minor (Pb/Zn) or (Pb/Zn) rich with minor Cu.

Most samples consisted of 90% sulphides and minor quartz / accessory minerals.

The certified lab assay results continue to demonstrate the high-grade Cu potential. 

2023 Wedge Assay Results
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