3 properties in the World Famous Bathurst Mining Camp

Nine Mile Metals Ltd. (CSE: NINE) (OTCQB: VMXSF) (FSE: KQ9) is a publicly listed mining company, with 3 properties in the Bathurst Mining Camp district of New Brunswick, Canada.

The Bathurst Mining Camp is one of the largest volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) camps in the world covering approximately 3,800 km2, hosting 95 (Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag Au) occurrences and 45 deposits. The host geology is referred to as the Bathurst Supergroup.


The third largest mining camp in the world with 95 occurrences and 45 deposits of Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver and Gold

3rd largest mining camp in the world

Highly skilled local mining workforce

Deep water ocean port

Year-round access to projects

Rail & power infrastructure

Voted Top Mining Jurisdiction in Canada & Globally

With mineral deposition occurring approximately 470 million years ago, the camp has undergone significant structural activity with mineralization folded, faulted and remobilized. Due to the complex environment, most geologists believe only 30% of potential deposits have been located to date. With 70% yet to be discovered including, as consensus believes, another giant such as the Brunswick 12 (335 Million Tonnes), innovative technology will play a key role especially in a camp with 1% outcrop.

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Nine Mile Brook VMS Project


  • 169 Claim Units
  • 34.98 km2 in size
  • Assays certified to 10.12 % Cu, 1.00 % Zn, 1.41 % Pb, 91.47 G/T Ag, And 0.84 G/T Au Over 15.10m
  • Currently using cutting-edge 3D-AI technology
  • 10km from one of the largest Zinc mines in the world

California Lake VMS Project


  • 111 Claim Units
  • 24.42 km2 in size
  • Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag Au

Canoe Landing Lake E&W VMS Project

  • 49 Claim Units
  • 10.78 Km2 in size
  • 9 occurrences / deposits & 3km NW of the Canoe Landing Lake Deposit (22.8 million tons) with geological reserves of 0.64% Pb, 1.82% Zn, 0.56% Cu. 0.94 oz/ton Ag and 0.034 oz/ton Au


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